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Moving Forward

A&B Electric Company, Inc., is familiar with facing incredible odds. We began in 1974 amidst an economic recession in much of the Western world, but we kept our vision in mind, and we kept moving forward. The construction industry faces disrupting challenges in supply chains, sourcing, and business as we know it. Our vision is unified and prepared for the next set of challenges.

Our vision? To be and work so others can see what sets us apart from the rest.

"Whenever we have an extremely difficult project sensitive to patient care, we choose A&B Electric to perform the work.”

—DCH Regional Medical Center

We will continue to develop new talent, adapt our strategies, and enhance the workforce experience. We know that these processes are critical in navigating our future. Our goal is to work smarter, and we will continue to do this through technology and strategy. This has been and will continue to be an advanced goal of our business, as we work on securely and efficiently becoming greater people and a greater company.