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A&B Electric Company, Inc., is rooted in community. Our people are most important to us, and this reaches far beyond the walls of our home office. In the same sense that we commit ourselves wholly to each project, we are committed to making our community the best it can be.  We believe it is our purpose to serve and better those around us. After all, we are a family business that works to preserve the culture and live up to our community’s expectations.

Our commitment to our community is highlighted in the below letter, written by the President/CEO of the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation, Bill Hannah.


As you know, the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation (EMBDC) is the chamber of commerce and the economic development organization for the City of Meridian and Lauderdale County. In this capacity, we have the opportunity to work with all sectors of our local community, including our existing industries, our education systems, our healthcare organizations, our banking institutions, our small businesses, and our arts community, as well as our local elected officials.

Randy, you know better than most the sacrifices your family and your company have made over the years for the benefit of our community. Starting with Jimmy and Ann Alexander, and continuing with your family and your employees, A&B Electric has literally touched every part of our community, and you've done so over the entire span of your company's existence, for more than 45 years.

This won't do A&B Electric justice, but to put some perspective on the influence of your company on our community, please consider the following:

Over the past 45 years

  • Non-Profits ... the place where you find the "really committed companies," like yours at A&B Electric ... the non-profit world never has enough money, always attempts more than they ought, endlessly leans on local companies, is never afraid to ask for anything, and ALWAYS needs it NOW ... go to ANY Meridian non-profit, and you'll see the "fingerprints, leadership & financial support" of A&B Electric!
  • Local Boards of Directors ... your family & company representatives have been on the boards (and, presided over these boards) for our local non-profits (practically every non-profit in town, including EMBDC), our hospitals & clinics, our banks, our existing industries, our industry and workforce initiatives, our churches, our local & state museums & entertainment venues.
  • Financially Supported ... every organization your company has led as "lay leaders" you've supported (too many to count). What can't be quantified are the number of initiatives and organizations A&B Electric funded as the "first and most significant" donor, who organizations then leveraged to obtain financial support from others (who knew if A&B was participating, they better).
  • Developments ... maybe the most "impactful" to our community are the many companies, real estate ventures, and developments A&B Electric has owned, initiated, supported, led, or created. Over these many decades, whenever Meridian needed to put a local investment group together (for any number of reasons), your family & your company led the way.

Randy, I hate to think what our community would be like today without the Alexander family and A&B Electric. What I do like to contemplate, though, are the many ways your family and your company have made Meridian a much better place to live, work, and play. THANK YOU!!!

–Bill Hannah, President/CEO
East Mississippi Business Development Corporation (EMBDC)