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Family businesses are exceptional and unique. Preserving the family name and culture, living up to expectations, and generating business and opportunity for our employees all take priority. The focus on family began at the very beginning.

Founded in 1974 by James D. (Jimmy) Alexander, A&B Electric Company, Inc., has grown from its humble beginnings into one of the most respected contractors in our industry. We continue the legacy of a family-owned business today, living up to the corporate philosophy of “Quality Work at a Competitive Price.” This is the standard we set each and every day.

At A&B Electric Company, Inc., our family focuses on being there for those who need us. From the start, we have been a reliable resource for our employees and our customers, building personal and professional relationships. We stand behind our work, our people, and our name.


The Power of a Vision



James D. (Jimmy) Alexander founds A&B Electric Company, Inc.


Delco Remy Plant 25, Meridian, MS
A&B Electric Company, Inc., was an on-site contractor for over 20 years. This business relationship led to many labor-intensive, enterprising endeavors, paving the way for one of Mississippi’s most successful businessmen and families.


James River Corporation, Naheola Mill, Pennington, AL

We were an on-site contractor for 18 years. The mill today is owned by Georgia-Pacific. A&B Electric Company, Inc., is presently a slated, credentialed contractor working for GP.


Casino Magic, Bay St. Louis, MS

This casino opened at the beginning of the gaming industry in Mississippi and was the first of 12 casino projects completed in the state by A&B Electric Company, Inc.


Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Vance, AL

A&B Electric Company, Inc., was an original contractor and has been a continual contractor working on-site to date. This was the first of 12 automotive projects in Mississippi and Alabama. A&B Electric Company, Inc., opened an office in Tuscaloosa, AL, prior to the MBUSI investment announcement. The award of this package led to numerous other jobs at the Mercedes plant and allowed us to spread out in the automotive manufacturing and supplier markets.


East Mississippi Correctional Facility, Phases 1 and 2, Meridian, MS

This was the first of 8 correctional facility projects for us in the Southeastern United States. A&B Electric Company, Inc.'s performance and the client experience we provide bring repeat business and new opportunities to our door today. 


Koch Foods Feed Mill, Morton, MS

This was the first of 9 feed mills and grain handling projects for A&B Electric Company, Inc., in the Southeastern United States to date.


ThyssenKrupp Steel, Calvert, AL

The ThyssenKrupp Steel USA facility opened in 2010, built as part of a worldwide expansion plan to include a facility in Brazil to produce raw steel for processing in today's state-of-the-art finishing technologies facility in the Southeastern U.S. The complex is known today as AM/NS Calvert. We worked on the river unloading facility and water plant.


Two Rivers Sawmill, Demopolis, AL
This was the first of 10 new sawmills completed by A&B Electric Company, Inc., to date in the Southeastern United States.