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Design Build

"Due to their excellent workmanship, proactive project management, and attention to detail, I am happy to have A&B Electric Company, Inc., win one of my design-bid-build contracts. I have found that their company excels at design-build projects. What sets them apart in design-build is their attention to detail during the bidding process, wherein they establish a comprehensive plan for the construction of the project. While others may be trying to gain a bidding advantage through some weak point in the verbiage of the scope of the work that has been provided, A&B seeks to clarify such issues for the benefit of the Owner. This is the point in the project where code issues need to be addressed, market conditions (such as supply chain issues) should be considered, and division of the work among other disciplines and other contractors should be settled. The experienced administration and project management staff at A&B Electric are committed to addressing these issues before the project is awarded and the first shovel of dirt is ever turned in construction."

—Andy Covington, P.E., Managing Member
The Power Source, P.L.L.C.